Jetsonic 2000M

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    Jetsonic 2000M

    The airpolishing portion of the JetSonic 2000M has all the features of the JetPolisher 2000 with the addition of warm water flow. The scaler side of this unique unit also offers advanced magnetorestrictive technology, including:

    • Unique sensor technology recognizes and activates the selected handpiece (scaling or polishing).
    • Advanced patented digital circuitry automatically tunes any “stack-type” insert, whether 25k or 30k.
    • Advanced microchip feedback system maintains optimum scaling power for all settings.
    • Power-Surge ModeTM technology increases power by 15-20% with a “double-click” on the foot switch for removal of tenacious deposits. The pre-selected power setting returns automatically when the foot control is released.
    • Large, easy-view powder reservoir (no need to stop to add powder).
    • Convenient rinse mode available.
    • Water heating feature.
    • 2 year warranty.

    Comes with two scaling inserts, polishing powder, and sprayhead tubes to get you started.

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