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    “There is not just one approach or technique for each dental procedure, and every clinician is different.” Hence, we do not believe that there is only one best product. Our goal is to provide the complete range of instruments and configurations to enable the clinician to find the right balance of features, ergonomics, design, and price for him or her. We have you covered whether you’re choosing between carbide, diamond, or aluminum oxide polishing instruments or between European Kavo-type or Japanese design NSK-type handpieces. And JP University is there to support you as you evaluate all the options.


    Not only can Johnson-Promident provide you with almost all the styles and designs available in the market, but we also offer three levels of value. We use a convenient color-coding system for each product to identify the best value items (green), mid-range industry standards (blue), and high end performance products (red). No matter what combination of product features, design, and value required, Johnson-Promident’s breadth of products provides the optimal solution for every practice.


    Please select the product category to view our range of leading products.


    No implication is made that any of our replacement products are original factory products or that any of the companies endorse our products.