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    Product Catalogs

    NEW!! 2016 Johnson-Promident Product Catalog  Deldent Ultrasonic Insert Cross-Reference Chart Johnson-Promident Clear Blue LED Digi 2.0 Curing Light
          NEW!! Rotary Instruments Catalog  Gemini High Speed Handpieces Information Deldent Miniblaster
    Deldent Product Catalog Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece Information  Deldent Ultrasonic Inserts
     PDFIconSmall JP Solutions Catalog PDFIconSmall Star Replacement Motors and Couplers   Diamond Bur Cross-Reference Chart
    PDFIconSmall Deldent JetPolisher 2000 – article in Incisal Edge   NEW! Prometheus Self-Contained LED Coupler   Gemini Kavo Fixed Back Handpiece
     PDFIconSmall NEW! Spiral Polishers


     Product Instructions

    Clear-Advantage-Hygienist-Handpiece-Instructions Kavo-Type KE10 Straight Attachment Instructions Micro Lab Electric Lab Handpiece
    Clear Blue Digi 2.0 Instructions Kavo-Type KL68 Head Instructions  R20U
    Classic E-motor Kavo-Type KL80 Friction Grip Head Instructions Single-Use Diamond Composite Polisher
    Dart Disposable Handpiece System Instructions Kavo-Type KSH20/ KFOSH20 Contra Angle Instructions Short Gripper II Low Speed Motor
    Deluxe Scaler KL 67 Head for Kavo Smart Cleaner
    Fiber Optic Light Source Kit KT 181 E-Motor Star Titan-Type Low Speed Motor Instructions
    Friction Grip Head – Tool Type  Kool Torque Lab Handpiece Instructions Straight and Contra Angle Attachments
    General Handpiece Sterilization and Cleaning Instructions  Maxsonics Scaler Turbo Unit
    High Speed Handpieces Micromite Black Demon Handpiece  Ultrasonic Insert instructions
    Hygienist Plus Handpiece  Micromite Hawk Handpiece Instructions  Prometheus Coupler
    Kavo LED Conversion Kit Instructions  Miniblaster Hook-Up Instructions


    SDS Product Data Sheets

    Aluminum Oxide SDS Jetstream Powder Sodium Bicarbondate SDS  L-PC Pro Handpiece Cleaner SDS
    Clear Blue Digi 2.0 LED Curing Light Battery SDS L-AC Handpiece Lubricant SDS L-PL Pro Handpiece Lubricant SDS
    DCL-90 Lubricant SDS L-EL European Lubricant SDS  Pen Oiler SDS
    Diaglaze SDS  L-KL Premium Spray for Kavo SDS     JP Solutions catalog 2018
       151 Zekrya Carbide Bur    WELTEX Saliva Ejectors