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    For almost forty years, Johnson-Promident has been serving the needs of dental and lab equipment dealers and repair facilities as the trusted source for handpieces, replacement parts, and accessories.  We set high standards for ourselves and our suppliers.  That translates into excellent service levels, wide ranging product availability, and products that provide superior value.  Our prices will allow you to offer the lowest prices to your customers and at the same time achieve higher margins on every Johnson-Promident product sold. 


    But what really sets us apart is our superior personalized service.  We are committed to working with you and your business to enhance the attractiveness of your product offering, capture more of the market, and boost your profitability. 

    • Your order is ready to be shipped the same day
    • We are knowledgeable equipment specialists available to help support the needs of your customers
    • Flexibility to deliver products and support your business in accordance with your requirements
    • Your satisfaction with the quality of every product and service is guaranteed
    • We offer selling support to your business to generate new revenue opportunities (e.g. private labeling, growth incentives)

    Let us help you put together a package of products and services that will expand your business!


     Under our label or yours Johnson-Promident delivers great products!

    Johnson-Promident offers a unique private label program.  We will engrave your name onto the handpieces, and for handpiece accessories, we will label each box with your name and item number per your specifications.  There is no better way to enhance your company’s reputation.  Your customers shouldn’t have to choose between quality and price.  Let your brand name stand above others for quality, value and selection.

    Benefits For the DEALER

    Private label products enhance your company’s image and strengthens your relationship with your customers.  Dentists can buy a national brand anywhere, but they can only buy your branded products from you.  Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your brand presence in key categories while achieving greater profitability.

    Benefits for the DENTIST

    Private label represents the opportunity to purchase quality products at a significant savings to national brands, and because your company’s name is on the package, the dentist is assured that the products meet your quality standards.



    Johnson-Promident’s deep understanding of the dental handpiece category and significant capabilities in producing high quality parts that meet customer’s design and cost requirements, has enabled us to develop long term OEM relationships with many of the dental industry leaders.  Our OEM customers think of us as the best kept secret in the industry.  Here is why?

    • Superfast development of working prototypes (typically 2-3 weeks)
    • Production capabilities across the quality/cost spectrum to meet market requirements
    • Breadth of materials and manufacturing processes to match design needs (CNC machining to plastic injection molding) 
    • Flexible range of services from single part production through to complete product assembly, marking and final packaging