H.S.T. Technology

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Better Airpolishing Technology

The JetPolisher 2000™  (airpolishing system) and the JetSonic 2000M™(combination airpolishing and scaling system) feature  Deldent’s exclusive, patented Homogenous Stream Technology (H.S.T.)™.


The Homogenous Stream Technology (H.S.T.) mixes air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder together within a single nozzle to produce a homogenous stream, unlike other airpolishing systems in which there are separate nozzles for water and powder streams.


Benefits of the H.S.T. system include:

  • Virtual elimination of nozzle clogging.
  • A more efficient polishing stream, so only 35 psi of air pressure is needed.
  • A gentler, softer polishing action because sodium bicarbonate particles begin to soften within the spray head
  • The JetPolisher 2000 and the JetSonic 2000M’s polishing unit are harmless to titanium implant surfaces and are the ONLY polishers cleared by the FDA for use around titanium implants.*

* for cleaning around implants under dentures


Clinical Applications

General prophylaxis

  • Plaque & stain removal
  • Cleaning abutments
  • Prior to fissure sealing


  • Plaque & stain removal
  • Flutings & furcations
  • GTR root debridement


  • Around fixed appliances
  • Cleaning prior to bonding
  • Post-treatment cleaning 


  • Implant maintenance
  • Cleaning superstructures