Sonic Air Scalers

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Deluxe Sonic Air Scaler (Star® Titan® Compatible)

  • Effective removal of hard calculus deposits and stains, gently and quietly.
  • Connects to existing handpiece tubing and fits with many popular tips.
  • Comes with universal tip and wrench.
  • Orbital water spray, completely autoclavable.
  • Flexsonic Swivel Air Scaler (BLISSW)

  • Compare to Star® Blis-sonicTM
  • Super efficient removal of hard calculus and stains
  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Quick disconnect swivel (compatible with Star® couplers) for improved comfort and easy removal from tubing

Max-Sonics Air Scaler

  • Safe, efficient, and gentle air driven scaler.
  • Convenient size and low air consumption.
  • Connects to existing handpiece tubing.
  • 3 tips included,completely autoclavable.