Low Speed Lab Handpieces

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Kool-Torque (55,000 RPM)

  • Versatile heavy duty air driven handpiece operates at variable speeds with foot control from low speed to 55,000 RPM at 60 psi.
  • Heavy Duty vane air motor is renowned for its exceptional durability.
  • Ultra torque generating 1⁄4 horsepower at pressures above 40 psi.
  • Unique motor stays cool even at speeds of 55,000 RPM with muffled air exhaust.
  • Vibration free due to special 3-jawed lathe collet chuck and two main sealed support bearings resulting in increased comfort and more accurate cutting.
  • Quick disconnect feature for convenient portability from station to station.

“Also see the Micromite Black Demon for Lab Use"

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Super Power Lab Electric Handpiece, Control Box, Variable Foot Control

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