Gemini Series

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  • Gemini handpieces offer exactly the same design and performance as the originals for a fraction of the price!
  • Gemini handpieces fit the coupling systems of the originals and offer complete interchangeability with the original handpieces, turbines, and component parts

Midwest® Tradition® Replacement

  • Provides smooth and controlled cutting with high torque
  • Durable, even after repeated sterilization
  • Mid-sized head for superior access with high torque
  • Bright twin beam fiber optics eliminates shadows
  • Fine mist water spray
  • Lightweight

Prometheus™ Coupler for Midwest®/4 Hole

Kavo Type

  • Ceramic bearings for smooth, quiet operation
  • Durable glass cellular optics providing excellent brightness
  • Multiflex LUX connection
  • Push button auto chuck
  • 3 port water spray for excellent bur cooling and more efficient cutting
  • Super torque provides industry- leading torque for fast, efficient preparations
  • Bella Torque’s smaller head provides easier access and quiet operation

Kavo Multiflex-type Couplers

  • Enables quick instrument changes in the operatory
  • 360° full rotation for improved ergonomics and safety
  • Built-in anti-retraction valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water in the tubing
  • Quick and convenient connection to remove handpieces for cleaning and sterilization
  • LED option provides unmatched illumination, and light source lasts 10 times longer than halogen bulbs

Prometheus™ Coupler for Kavo

NSK Type

  • Ceramic bearings for smooth, quiet operation
  • Bright dual beam fiber optics eliminate shadows
  • Push button auto chuck with enhanced bur retention system 360
  • Swivel to reduce fatigue and for convenient quick-click connection
  • Mid-size head provides excellent balance of high torque and good intra-oral access

NSK-type Couplers

Prometheus™ Coupler for NSK

Quick Disconnect Swivels for Star

Prometheus™ Coupler for Star®