Handpiece Maintenance Instructions

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    Instructions for operation and maintenance:

    In order to always provide the handpiece with clean air, water accumulated in the compressor must be drained out ONCE A DAY. DAILY LUBRICATION IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.


    Operate the handpiece at pressures of 25 to 30 pounds per square inch. The handpiece is engineered to attain speeds of 350,000 RPM at 25 pounds and 400,000 RPM at 30 pounds.


    Use the brush to remove foreign particles. A fine wire is provided for cleaning the water spray hole and to prevent clogging. Particles can be dislodged by blowing air backward from the contra angle head. NOTE: DO NOT attempt to blow particles from the rear end of the handpiece, as larger particles will be blocked in the water tube.


    Sterilization Procedures: (Autoclave and Chemiclave Only)

    • Clean External Surface: Remove bur from handpiece and scrub with a toothbrush or 2” x 2” gauze using warm tap water. DO NOT IMMERSE HANDPIECE.
    • Dry: Thoroughly dry handpiece using gauze, paper towel or air syringe.
    • Clean/Lubricate Internal Surface: Using a combination cleaner/lubricant or DCL 90, spray handpiece in drive air hole and in chuck.
    • Expel Cleaner/Lubricant: Reinsert bur into handpiece head, connect handpiece to tubing and run for 5 seconds to thoroughly expel debris and excess lubricant.
    • Clean Fiberoptic Bundle: Using a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, wipe the surface on both ends of handpiece.
    • Bag and Cycle in Autoclave: Place handpiece into autoclave bag or pouch. Cycle as per autoclave/ chemiclave manufacturer’s instructions. DO NOT EXCEED 275º F (135º C).
    • Cool Down and Lubricate: Allow handpiece to return to room temperature. Lubricate handpiece as per instructions listed above. Expel excess lubricant as per previous instructions.



    • Use warm tap water to scrub the exterior of handpiece.
    • Expel excess lubricant from handpiece by running it for 5 seconds after cleaning and lubricating.
    • Use separate cans of lubricant before and after sterilization to prevent contamination.
    • Clean both ends of fiberoptic bundle with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.
    • Use autoclave bags and pouches with indicators to protect handpiece.



    •  DON’T immerse handpiece in water or chemical disinfectants/sterilants.
    •  DON’T use any type of disinfectant on handpiece.
    •  DON’T sterilize handpiece with bur inserted.
    •  DON’T exceed 275º F (135º C) in autoclave or chemiclave.
    •  DON’T dry heat or heat transfer sterilize.
    •  DON’T operate handpiece without bur inserted in chuck.

    Do-It-Yourself Handpiece Repair (Simple Stuff)

    A. Handpiece has low torque or power (could be lack of lubrication or too much debris)

    1. Try heavily spraying “correct” drive air tube with a combination cleaner/lubricant like DCL-90 and run handpiece for a minute.
    2. Remove turbine and clean out head, lubricate turbine directly, and spin bearings with fingers. Blow compressed air in head of handpiece to clear air tube. Return turbine to handpiece and run.
    3.  Check air pressure on dental unit.


    B. Burs are sticking inside of turbine or falling out

    1. Flush the spindle with a handpiece cleaner where the bur would normally be inserted.
    2. Ensure that burs are not less than .0625” or greater than .0630” in diameter or are worn,which can damage spindle.


    C. Water spray is weak or completely stopped

    1. Insert small wire into water tube from head of handpiece to remove debris.
    2. Use our Smart Cleaner to clear clogged tube. If these simple solutions fail, more serious problems are likely affecting the handpiece which should be sent to a reputable repair service provider.