E-Type and Doriot Handpieces

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E-Type Low Speed Handpieces

  • Multi-piece handpieces consisting of a motor and various attachments (the motor cannot be used without an attachment).
  • E-Type is an international standard for how attachments are placed on a motor; most E-Type motors and attachments are interchangeable, like KaVo, NSK, W&H, and Bien Air. However, Midwest and Star brands have proprietary designs.
  • 2 primary types of attachments:


Nose Cone/Straight Attachment

  • Can accept straight handpiece burs, mandrels, prophy angles, and doriot/U-Type contra angles.
  • Come either as a 1:1 transmission, which maintains the motor speed, or as a 4:1 gear reduction, primarily used with prophies to reduce the handpiece speed to a rate that reduces the splatter of paste and the potential to burn a patient.


Contra Angle

  • Generally accepts either a bur or a prophy cup.
  • Has 2 components: a sheath and a head.
  • Sheath attaches to the E-Motor and can have gear reduction characteristics.
  • Head comes in a wide range of options and has the mechanism to hold a bur or prophy cup.
  • Head screws onto the sheath and can easily be exchanged for other options.




Doriot Low Speed Handpieces


Doriot Low Speed Handpieces

  • One-piece slow speed handpieces consisting of a motor combined with a nose cone-type front end.
  • Does not require an additional attachment to perform certain procedures since it can generally accept a straight handpiece bur, mandrel, prophy angle, and doriot/U-type contra angles.




Hygienist Handpieces

    • A special kind of doriot handpiece, designed just form prophyalxis with a compact, light design and a swivel nose.
    • Has an internal gear reduction and operates at 5,000 RPM.
    • Many hygiene handpieces have special friction grip-type chucking mechanisms that will only accept disposable prophy angles.



Advantages of Doriot-type Handpieces

  • Shorter than E-Type motor/nose cone combinations.
  • Can duplicate any E-Type/attachment combination without additional attachments required.



Disadvantages of Doriot-type Handpieces

  • When used with doriot/U-Type contra angles, the handpiece can get very long, making it awkward for the dentist.



Matching Bur Types with Handpieces

  • For use in straight attachments/nose cones and Doriot-type low speed handpieces.
  • For use in latch-type contra angle heads in low speed handpieces.
  • For use in high speed handpieces and friction grip low speed contra angle heads.