Finishing and Polishing Instruments – Complete Item List

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    FLASH Polishing Strips

    Single-Handedly Changing Composite Polishing!
    The only single-use, single-handed polishing strip

    • Innovative handle design for easy, quick interproximal access, optimal control, and reduced hand fatigue
    • Thin, flexible precision-coated aluminum oxide strips:
      • Product smooth polish
      • Can be used on all types of composites
      • Conform to tooth contour
    • Individually wrapped and disposable
    • Economical

    DASH Diamond Strips

    Multi-use, single-handed diamond strips

    • For IPR, finishing and polishing, cement removal, interproximal stain removal
    • Comfortable ergonomic grip for optimal control
    • Autoclavable and reusable
    • Available in single-sided and double-sided in four grits and serrated
    • Comes with autoclavable instrument organizer
    • Economical

    Spirals All-Surface Diamond Polishers

    NEW! Spirals All-Surface Diamond Polishers

    • Flexible, diamond-impregnated polishers for finishing and polishing composites, porcelain, glass ionomers, and ceramic materials
    • Designed to reach all tooth surfaces
    • Autoclavable and reusable
    • All you need to quickly and efficiently produce the optimal polish, on any surface and on almost any material!

    Diamond Strips

    Fast-cutting diamond strips. Stainless steel with diamond grit. Thin and flexible; will not stretch or break. Fully auto- clavable. Diamond coating is ideal for finishing enamel and restorative materials. 6” long and gapped for easy inter- proximal insertion.

    10 per package

    10 per package

    Diamond Discs

    1 per package

    Composite Discs and Strips, 3M™ Sof-Lex™-Type

    Easy to use and ideal for all composites. Produce surface smoothness and visual gloss for more natural and life-like results. Color-coded to simplify your polishing procedures. Made of aluminum oxide on a flexible ultra-thin mylar backing, allowing the disc to conform to the contours of the teeth

    Finishing and Polishing Strips Interproximal trimming, polishing, and finishing at a high level of polish and luster, gapped at the center for easy interproximal insertion.

    Complete Disc/Strip Kit Contains 252 pieces:

    • 200 discs (25 each of 3⁄8” and 1⁄2” in Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Superfine)
    • 50 strips (25 each of Regular Coarse/Medium and Regular Fine/Superfine)
    • 2 RA Mandrels

    Code SL2385-KIT
    Note: Johnson-Promident Sof-Lex™-type discs will not fit on Sof-Lex™ pop-on mandrels (they are 1958 type)

    Single Patient Composite Disc Kit 3/8". 48 single-dose bags per kit. SP-SL1981

    Single Patient Composite Disc Kit 1/2". 48 single-dose bags per kit. SP-SL1982

    Convenient individual, single-patient units to help reduce cross-contamination. Each unit/bag contains four color-coded discs (Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Superfine) and a disposable mandrel.

    Separating Discs

    7/8”x.009 – Super thin and strong. Made of the purest silicon carbide abrasive for fine cutting and finishing of porcelain interproximals and margins. Will not discolor porcelain. 7/8”x.015 – Very thin. Made with the purest silicon carbide abrasive to provide fast cool cutting of porcelain and gold. Will not discolor porcelain. 7/8”x.025 – Ruby – Made with aluminum oxide that has a ceramic coating for long lasting, fast cutting of all chrome, precious, and semi-precious metals. Compare to Dentsply Fastcut discs and Keystone Red Flush discs. 7/8”x.025 – Stripper – Made with brown aluminum oxide for fast cutting of all chrome, precious, and semi-precious metals.

    Strip Saw

    7”x8mm wide stainless steel serrated saw for opening embrasures and easily opening contacts following restorative procedures.

    Single-Use Diamond Composite Polishers, Dentsply PoGo®/Enhance®-Type

    These disposable polishing systems are ideal for finishing and polishing all composites, creating a high-gloss luster even on the latest generation composite materials.
    Johnson-Promident Single-Use Diamond Composite Polishers recently received a 4.2/Recommended rating in an independent evaluation in Dental Product Shopper magazine, with evaluators making comments such as "They achieve a beautiful finish quickly" and "a must have". Link to Dental Product Shopper evaluation.

    Single-Use Diamond Composite Polishing Kit, Dentsply Enhance®/PoGo®-Type Contains 60 pieces: 10 each of cup, point, disc in both coarse and fine. Code ENH/POG-KIT

    Two-Step Diamond Composite Polishers (Multi-Use)

    Two-step diamond polishing system for finishing, smoothing and high-luster polishing of the latest generation of composite materials. Diamond abrasives are embedded in the four silicone polisher shapes to enable easy access to interproximal and occlusal surfaces.

    Two-Step Diamond Composite Polishing Kit Contains 8 pieces: 1 each of small point, point, cup, and knife edge in both coarse and fine. Code COMP-KIT

    Amalgam/Gold Polishers, Shofu “Brownie- and Greenie-Type”

    Three-step polishing system for fast removal, smoothing, and polishing of amalgam and precious metals. The silicon carbide is embedded in a medium-soft, flexible synthetic rubber matrix. Our coarse “Brownie”-type polishers produce a smooth surface, medium “Greenie”-type polishers produce a lustrous polish, and fine “Super-Greenie”-type polishers produce a super polish.

    Amalgam/Gold Polishing Kit Contains 12 pieces: 1 each of mini point, point, cup, and bullet in coarse, medium, and fine. Code AM-GOLDKIT

    Diamond Porcelain Polisher, NTI®/Axis CeraGlaze®-Type

    Amazing three-step diamond polishing system for removing, finishing, and high-luster polishing of ceramic, metal, and zirconia. Diamond abrasive embedded in a hard-flexible, silicone polisher. No need for multiple polishing systems, and the high-luster polish is achieved without paste.

    Diamond Porcelain Polishing Kit Contains 12 pieces: 1 each of small point, point, cup, and disc in coarse, medium, and fine. Code CERA506-KIT

    Standard Porcelain Polisher, Shofu Ceramiste/NTI® Axis Porcelain-Type

    Silicone polishers made specifically for polishing porcelain and enamel, with three grits for prepolishing, polishing, and high shine super polishing.

    Standard Porcelain Polishing Kit Contains 12 pieces: 1 each of small point, point, cup, and disc in coarse, medium, and fine. Code PORC-KIT

    Denture Adjustment Kit

    For chairside denture adjustment, includes one non-clogging carbide bur for fast acrylic trimming and 5 silicone carbide rubber points in Coarse, Medium, and Fine for removing, finishing, and high luster polishing of denture acrylics. 6 pieces (HP): 3 Coarse/Green, 1 Medium/Gray, and 1 Fine/Beige Silicone Carbide Rubber Points, and 1 Acrylic Trimming Carbide Bur.
    Code ACRB-KIT

    Acrylic Polishers, NTI®/Axis-Type

    Three-step polishing system for removing, finishing, and high-luster polishing of acrylics. Silicon carbide embedded in a medium-soft, flexible, synthetic rubber matrix.

    Silicone Acrylic Polishing Kit Contains 12 pieces: 1 each of small point, point, large point, and jumbo in coarse, medium, and fine. Code ACR-KIT

    Green and White Stones, Shofu Dura-Green- and Dura-White-Type

    Green Stones contain silicon carbide and are excellent for fast contouring and finishing of porcelain, composites, and gold and silver alloys. White Stones, made of aluminum oxide, are ideal for fine contouring and finishing of enamel, composites, and porcelains.

    Zirconia/CAD/CAM Ceramic Abrasives

    High performance synthetically bound diamond abrasives for latest generation materials. Specially designed for zirconia and alumina restorations without generating heat. Coarse abrasives for gross reduction, medium abrasives for finishing. For polishing, use Johnson-Promident Porcelain Polishers.

    Ceramic Abrasives Kit Contains 4 pieces: 1 each of disc and cone in coarse and medium. Code ZIRC-KIT

    Use with Deldent Diaglaze Diamond Paste, containing actual diamond particles for a superb, natural appearance